Data SIM Card Spain
Data SIM Card Spain

SIMYO PROFESSIONAL: OUR 2021 Best selling data only sim card


stay connected in spain: 3 GB data & 200 Minutes International Calls

2021 Best Selling Data Only SIM Card for Spain

The SIMYO Professional Data SIM card for Spain is not only convincing due to its outstanding price-performance ratio, but above all due to its performance and excellent network coverage.

Recommended Spanish SIM Cards for Yacht Crews

Yacht crews have special requirements for their Spanish Data SIM card. High data volume, fast internet and excellent network coverage are essential. These are our recommendations for crew.

spanish sim card

The best solutions for yacht crews in Spain

The easy and convenvient way to top up your Spanish phone

We supoort all major Spanish providers and top up your phone without typing in any weird codes or getting stuck in a call center. Try it out!

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the easiest way to top up your phone


View All Top-Ups from €5,00

SIM Cards with European Roaming

Not all Spanish prepaid cards offer EU regulated roaming. These are the ones you can use in the entire European Union.

The Swiss Edition

Switzerland is located in the center of Europe and yet there has been no Spanish call & data plan with free minutes on Swiss mobile phones. We now have the solution.

data sim card spain

The only Spanish SIM with free calls on swiss mobile numbers

Netflix & Co.

Streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are becoming increasingly popular. Now you can stream your series on the beach or on your yacht.

pay as you go sim card spain

Our No.1 for Streaming Junkies

Whatsapp, Facetime & Messenger

if you can do without classic calls and mainly make calls via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Facetime, this is your cheapest solution.

Buying your Spanish SIM card at is always the right choice.

With over 15 years of experience in the Spanish SIM card market, we offer you the best selection of data SIM Cards Spain. There are always cheaper solutions, but many of the bargain SIM cards iturn out to be much more expensive at the end. Many providers have hidden costs, minimum terms or suppress services such as tethering or MiFi in their Spanish SIM card packages. You will not find such SIM cards for Spain with us. Our offer only includes high performance SIM cards for Spain and Europe, which do not come with any nasty surprises.

The range of Spanish pay as you go SIM cards is huge and sometimes you can't see the trees for the forest. Chat with us, we will be happy to help you find your perfect prepaid tariff for Spain.