Hits Mobile SIM Card Manual

PIN & PUK and your phone number

The PIN & PUK of your new Spanish HITSMOBILE prepaid SIM card can be found on the back of the plastic card  from which you break out the SIM. The PIN & PUK must be rubbed free.

You will receive the telephone number of your new Spanish prepaid SIM card from us on the day of activation (you have specified with your order) by email.

Only then the number of the SIM will be allocated by the mobile phone provider.
The activation usually takes place in the late afternoon.



Hits Mobile Hotline

To call the HITS MOBILE hotline, dial from Spain:

from your HITS MOBILE SIM number 1212
from another telephone the number 634 30 12 12
from abroad the number +34 634 30 12 12

Emergency Calls

To make an emergency call in Spain (police, fire brigade, emergency doctor etc.) dial 112 (without any area code). In Spain is a free call, which you can make even when you are out of credit. This Emergency number is ALWAYS AVAILABLE (24/7/365) and you can make the emergency call in ANY LANGUAGE.


Check your Cash Credit Balance

From your cell phone / smartphone: You can top up your Spanish HITS Mobile SIM card at any time. Simply enter 1200 and then dial. The HITS mobile computer then sends you shortly an SMS with the exact remaining balance. The answer to the credit inquiry about the 1200 is always WITH Spanish VAT (I.V.A.)

2 credit checks per month are free, the rest are charged at 15 cents.


Check the balance of your Data or Call & Data Plan

If you e.g. If you have booked an Internet or call & data plan, you can query it as follows:

From your mobile phone / smartphone: You send an SMS with "INFO BONO" to number 22321 (there is a space between INFO and BONO, 2 credit requests per month are free, the rest are charged at 15 cents).


FOR FREE  and MORE DETAILED you will find ALL CREDITS INFO also in the CUSTOMER AREA ONLINE by HITSMOBILE On the Internet: In the customer area online (ESPACIO HITS) on the website


Expiration of the SIM Card

Unlike in UK / Germany / Switzerland / Austria, in Spain (without exception) ALL prepaid SIM cards expire if these are not reloaded at regular intervals. Your HITS-Mobile prepaid SIM card must be sent every 3 months be reloaded with at least 5 euros. (The card does not have to log into any network, the card does not have to
needed, no credit needs to be used up, the mobile phone provider only requests that at the latest every 3 months at least 5 euros of credit must be booked on the card.) It is counted from the moment of activation or the last reload. If the SIM is not charged for more than 3 months (90 days), you must use a
Calculate the deactivation of the SIM and the final blocking of the SIM card. Possibly still existing Credit expires. The number can then no longer be reactivated.

You can also view the expiry date until deactivation ONLINE. See something above under

BACKGROUND INFO: Mobile numbers are very scarce in Spain. All numbers are only 9 digits and start (up to with very few exceptions) with a 6, correspondingly few numbers are available in Spain. Out for this reason, the Spanish mobile phone providers deactivate all numbers that are not reloaded in time immediately on the expiration date and put the numbers back into circulation.


What can I do to prevent this from happening to me?

Option 1:

Do not even try to "save" the SIM in the next vacation, but "empty phone calls" or "empty" on vacation
surf "and let it expire. And simply order a new SIM card before your next vacation. In most cases
it will be the easiest and most common method.

Option 2:

You can really bother - and remember - to top up your SIM card regularly. Also from abroad possible via our website.

Option 3 (NEW!):

For everyone who travels regularly to Spain and keeps the SIM card and phone number active with little effort

HITSMOBILE has created the “MANTEN-TU-LINEA” OPTION. This will extend the time between
“Mandatory recharges” from 3 to 12 months.
- You pay 5 euros for 1 year (full 12 months) and secure your number for 12 months.
- You then no longer have to reload the SIM so that it no longer expires.
- You can put the SIM in a drawer, pull it out again after 12 months and the SIM always works
yet. >>Click for more information>>



Deactivating the answering machine:
simply press the ## 002 # and the selection key (usually the green key on the cell phone). You get after a few seconds instant confirmation on the display.
Switching on the answering machine:
** 61 * 637Your 9-digit mobile phone number without lee sign * 11 # and the dial key (usually the green key on the cell phone) to press. After a few moments you will receive a confirmation on the display.


Messages left behind can have a max. Have a length of 4 minutes and are saved for 5 days then automatically deleted. Once you have heard a message, it will continue for another 5 days saved and then deleted automatically. The max. Number of messages saved at the same time is 60. Querying the answering machine: If someone has left you a message on the AB, you will receive - as soon as you switch on your cell phone or are back in the reception area - automatically an SMS. Now you can call the 177 and listen to the message. The menu navigation of the AB is only available in Spanish.


Making calls and  use mobile internet with your new Hits Mobile SIM card

The first plan (start bonus) was activated by us on the day of activation. If this is a combo bonus, then you now have free minutes and mobile internet available. If your start-up bonus is an internet bonus, then you can now surf the Internet. (Don't forget to enter your APN data - see below)

A plan is always valid for 30 days after activation. All free minutes or GB / MB not used in the 30 days expire.


API CONFIGURATION of the mobile internet for iPhone and iPad:

Click with inserted HITS MOBILE SIM card on: Settings  -> Mobile network  and turn there MOBILE DATA  and DATA ROAMING on.


Select under LANGUAGE and DATA : 3G or LTE or AUTOMATIC. Then via MOBILE DATA one page back.

Click on MOBILE DATA and enter accordingly:


APN: tel.hitsmobile.es

Leave username and password empty.


If you also want to use your iPhone / iPad as a mobile hotspot, the APN data must also be under PERSONAL HOTSPOT be entered.

Your iPhone / iPad is now correctly configured on HITS-Mobile ES.



(may be different or different depending on the smartphone and Android version)

Click on MOBILE NETWORKS and activate data roaming

(For older versions of Android you must also click ACTIVATE MOBILE DATA here)

Then create a new profile (enter a new APN)

Click on ACCESS POINTS (or also profiles) and "Under a new APN (or
add new profile) "(the menu is sometimes hidden under THREE ABOVE
The name of the (NEW APN is HITSMOBILE and under APN we enter tel.hitsmobile.es (pc.hitsmobile.es can also be used)

User name and password  remain empty.

Now save and activate.

IMPORTANT! Please note: Should no after entering the correct APN data
mobile Internet possible, you must also make the following setting:
Under Settings on the same page you edit the APN settings entered and continue to scroll down.
Under point TYPE OF VIRTUAL MOBILE RADIO PROVIDER must click and activate GID.


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