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A Virtual IP PBX is an Advanced Telephone System through which you can have as many extensions as you want, fixed or mobile, in the same location or even in different locations or countries (for example, if you have several branches or people working from your address), without the need to make a significant financial outlay to buy a Physical Switchboard. You will save between 1,500 and 60,000 € on the purchase cost of the Physical Switchboard, as well as the maintenance that the Traditional Switchboards carry.

What are the advantages compared to a physical switchboard?

  • There is no need to buy a Physical Switchboard.
  • There is no monthly or annual maintenance fee to pay for the Physical Switchboard.
  • There is no installation or wiring to do.
  • Your PBX will not be obsolete in 2-3 years. Being a Virtual PBX it is automatically updated with new functionalities.
  • A point of failure in the system is removed: in case the power supply fails, for example, you would be unable to receive or make calls, while in redundant virtual systems (with backup equipment) if there is a failure in one machine, another stands up to replace it.
  • In addition to fixed extensions, you can also have mobile extensions.
  • The extensions do not have to be in the same location as a Physical Switchboard conditions. You can have extensions in as many locations as you like, even in different countries. Both calls and call transfers between all extensions of your Virtual PBX are free, regardless of where each extension is located.
  • The cost of calls is much lower than that of traditional telephony. EXAMPLE 1: In a one-minute call to a mobile with a traditional operator, you would have a cost of 31 cents (15 of establishment and 16 per minute). With VOZ.COM, that same call would cost you only 4.9 cents, you would be saving 84%. EXAMPLE 2: a call to a mobile in which a voice mailbox jumps and we hang up. If you make that 4-second call with a traditional operator, the cost would be 16 cents (15 of establishment and 1 cent for 4 seconds) . With VOZ.COM, that same call would cost only 3 tenths of a cent (0 of establishment and 0.3 cents for 4 seconds). In this second case, you would be saving 98%.
  • We do not charge call establishment. You will directly save 15 cents on each call you make.
  • You can suppress fixed spending on phone lines. With traditional telephony to have 30 voice channels you need to contract a primary link that costs between € 300 and € 400 / Month. With us, you can have these 30 channels at no additional cost.

Example of a virtual switchboard with 6 extensions - 4 fixed (3 desktops and one wireless) and 2 mobiles


What are our advantages compared to the competition?

  • Higher call quality and better voice quality.
  • Our fundamental and main premise is to always have the best VOICE quality in the Spanish market, since we are dedicated to the business market. Our voice quality is even superior to that of traditional telephony.
  • Mobile extensions can be sent or received over the GSM network instead of over the Internet, thereby significantly increasing the quality. In fact, you will have exactly the same quality as if you called with the mobile operator.
  • Customer assistance, commercial and professional and personalized technical support.
  • 16 Years dedicated solely and exclusively to the development of telecommunications solutions for companies.
  • NO COST OF ESTABLISHING CALLS TO FIXED, MOBILE, INTERNATIONAL (FREE, we do not charge the 15 cents of establishment)
  • RATE PER SECONDS (From the first second, we do not charge for full minutes but for seconds)


What is an extension?

We call an extension to each telephone station you need.

Where can I have an extension?

In an IP Telephone (the most recommended option to take advantage of all the Voice Quality that we offer you). It can be a fixed or wireless IP Telephone, if the person who is going to use the telephone needs mobility.
 In a Softphone (application [software] that acts as an IP Telephone), with which you can have an extension on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) or on any other computing device such as Android tablet, iPad, etc.

Voice / Line Channels

What is a Voice Channel or Line?

Unlike traditional telephony, where each line is a single voice channel and therefore you are billed € 15 for each line / voice channel / simultaneous call, we do not limit you concurrent channels / calls. You can have as many incoming or outgoing calls as your Internet connection allows.

1 Channel = 1 Analog Line = € 15 / Month
2 Channels = 1 ISDN Line = Between € 30 and € 40 / Month
30 Channels = 1 Primary = Between 300 and 400 € / Month

Your advantage with us:

As many Channels as you need, at no additional cost.

How does the installation work?

It is tremendously simple. You just have to tell us how many extensions or jobs you require and our operator sends you as many IP phones as you need, fully configured each with its extension, so all you have to do is connect them to the Internet. Simply with that, they will start working both to receive and to make calls. With our operator you do not need any type of installation. Once you have the phones working in your facilities, if you take one to your home and connect it to the Internet, you will see how it also works. You would have an extension of the company at your address.

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