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WHAT IS A SIP TRUNK (also known as SIP Trunking, SIP Trunk or Trunk Link)?

If you have a Physical PBX with IP Connectivity, or an Asterisk or 3CX-type VoIP Software PBX, a communication system such as Microsoft Lync, or Contact Center software, then you need an IP Connection called Trunk SIP or Trunk Link to connect it to the National or World Telephone Network through your Internet Connection and be able to make and receive calls without the need for analog lines, ISDN or primary links.

We provide you with the Highest Quality and Reliability SIP Trunk for your IP PBX.
The SIP Trunk that we provide you, includes for free, a National Geographic number of any Spanish province or number 902 or 900, whichever you prefer. This included number may be new, provided by our telecommunications operator, or carried with it so that you can keep your current numbering. In our SIP Trunking system you can have as many numbers as you want.

There is also the possibility of providing you with international DDIs from other 70 countries if you need them, so that your Clients from those countries can call you to a local number for them. This will allow you to internationalize your company, if you wish, in a simple and economic way.

The advantages with us

  • Higher voice Quality
  • Better and wider connectivity: 1 Tbps of dedicated bandwidth (capacity for 20 million simultaneous calls)
  • Lower latencies
  • Maximum Quality Direct Routes, direct interconnections and guaranteed Caller ID and DTMF delivery
  • Redundant Systems
  • Service Availability Level Extremely High: SLA 99.995%
  • Double Security Authentication: per username / password and per fixed public IP address
  • Monitoring of all calls, incoming and outgoing, in real time, through Voice Panel
  • Optional Call Recording.
  • Ultraprofessional, Specialized and Personalized Technical Support: you will be assigned to the same Commercial and Technical Managers so that you always speak to the same people
  • 24/7/365 Professional Support
  • Tier 4 Datacenters (SLA 99.995%)
  • Support in the configuration of the trunk in your IP PBX. We don't just pass you the configuration parameters, but we help you configure the SIP Trunk in your IP PBX if you need it
  • Free Telephone Numbers 900 for Customer Service and Distributors
  • Proactive Fraud Detection Systems
  • Backup lines: if your trunk loses the registration we will send you incoming calls to RTB or mobile lines
  • Monitoring and Control of Quality Parameters in Customer Connectivity and in your Calls: Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, MOS, QoS
  • New Global Numbering or Cover: Geographical of any Spanish province, 902, 901, 900, International Numbering of 70 Countries
  • No Registration Fee
  • No fixed term
  • No Cancellation Fees or Penalty
  • Immediate service commissioning
  • Call 000 from your SIP Trunk and contact us internally and free of charge
  • Free Fax to email service included in the monthly Trunk SIP fee
  • Partners Avanzada7 (Asterisk - 3CX in Spain) and Microsoft (Lync / Skype for business)


Costs and fees

The monthly fee of only € 9 includes

✔️ 10 initial channels expandable without limit and without additional cost
✔️ Special rates for volumes of more than 5,000 minutes / month
✔️ SLA 99.9%


Calls to 000 (VOZ.COM): € 0
National Mobile Calls:
Establishment: € 0 (FREE)
Call cost: € 0.049 / minute (€ 4.9 cents / minute) - charged in seconds.
Calls to National Landlines:
Establishment: 0 (FREE)
Call cost: € 0.014 / Minute (€ 1.4 cents / Minute) - Priced in seconds.
International calls:
Establishment € 0, Cost per Minute according to destination and country (see table) - Tariffed in seconds.

What brands are compatible? Here are some examples

Alcatel Lucent
My phone
Microsoft Lync

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