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Why topping up with

  • You don't have to type cumbersome codes into your phone or deal with Spanish voice prompts.
  • Your payment via credit card or PayPal is convenient and safe.
  • Our telecommunications service provide is authorized dealer and official distributor with means you won’t have any hustle or sketchy procedures. They are available or you under +34 971 262 524.

How does it work?

  1. Select your desired Top-Up.
  2. Proceed to your cart and type in the the number to be topped up and the desired activation date for your data or call & data plan.
  3. Proceed to checkout and fill in all your contact details and a mobile phone number for the confirmation message.
  4. Complete Payment



When will I receive the Top-Up?

If purchasing the top-up within our opening-hours (Mon-Fri 10:00am - 01:30pm and 03:00pm – 07:00pm CET) after receiving your payment, the processing time takes about 2-3 hours until the Top-Up is booked on your phone. If realizing the purchase on a Saturday, Sunday or a public bank holiday the top-up will be booked in the morning of the next working day.


Even on weekends and public holidays we try to check the receipt of credit card payments at least 2-3 times a day and to top up - as soon as possible.


Can I choose the activation date of the Top-Up?

Yes. With some top-ups (data only and call & data plans) you can enter a desired activation date for the top-up. In this case, we will only confirm receipt of payment by email and the top-up will only be loaded / activated on the date you request.  Cash top-ups are being realized immediately. The top-up will be activated between 04:00 and 08:00pm on the desired date.


How can I check before topping up if my SIM card is still active?

All mobile phone providers in Spain rigorously switch off their prepaid SIM cards and put the numbers back into circulation immediately if they are not topped up at regular intervals.


Once a recharge has been carried out, it cannot be canceled or paid out again. The credit will then not be given to you, but to the next owner of the prepaid SIM.


Therefore, BEFORE ORDERING A CHARGE, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SIM IS STILL ACTIVE and has not already been deactivated due to irregular charging.


1.) Insert your SIM into a cell phone / smartphone and book into the cell phone network. This is also possible with a pure Internet SIM card. And also works in roaming.


2.) Send an SMS from another phone your own Spanish number you want to test: + 34-XXXXXX. When the SMS arrives, your SIM is still active.


If the SMS does NOT arrive or the SIM does not even log into the mobile network, then your SIM has already been deactivated by the mobile phone provider. And your former number is already in circulation again.


In this case, do not order a top-up. Your SIM will NEVER be reactivated. And the recharge can NEVER be reversed or canceled again. The credit will then not be given to you, but to the next owner of the prepaid SIM.


How often do I have to top up my Spanish prepaid SIM card?

  • Hits Mobile: 3 months, can be extended to 12 months
  • Digi Mobil: 6months
  • Simyo: 5 months, can be extended to 15 months
  • Masmovil: 3 months
  • Vodafone: 6 months
  • Orange: 6 months
  • Movistar 6 months

Background information: Mobile numbers are scarce in Spain. All numbers have only 9 digits and (with a few exceptions) start with a 6, correspondingly few numbers are available in Spain. For this reason, the Spanish mobile phone providers deactivate all numbers that were not charged on time immediately on the expiry date and put them back into circulation. There are no waiting periods until the deactivation. If your SIM card has been deactivated, your number will be in circulation again just a few hours later. Either already assigned or at least back in the pool of numbers. There is no chance of getting this number back.


Will the SIM card be topped up directly or do I receive codes to type in etc?

Your SIM card will be topped up automatically. Our communications service provider is an official dealer and authorized distributor. Therefore, we can top up the ordered credit DIRECTLY on your SIM card with all Spanish mobile phone providers. You will NOT receive any codes that you have to laboriously enter into your mobile device.


How much are the service fees for top-ups? calculates 4,90€ for every top-up transaction.

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