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You are self-employed or you run a business in Spain? Save up to 75% of your telephone costs with our VoIP solutions!

VoIP Voice over IP for Spain

Which VoIP solutions are available?

Together with a strong partner who has many years of experience in the field of Voice over IP, we offer the following VoIP solutions exclusively for self-employed and entrepreneurs in Spain: 

* Monthly fee, excluding call costs   
** Price per seat. Minimum hiring: 1 Administrator + 1 Supervisor + 2 Agents

What is VoIP / IP Telephony?

Voice over IP, VoIP for short, refers to telephony over the Internet. Therefore, your phone does not send your signals over the phone line, but over the Internet line.
With VoIP, the ISDN standard is superfluous and will probably not be used for a few years.

Switching from ISDN to VoIP devices is very slow since providers have to offer both standards. There are still many ISDN devices on the market.

The advantage of VoIP is the reduction of costs for the user and also for the provider. Navigation and telephony are carried out through the Internet and, therefore, through a single line.

You don't have to fear a slower Internet connection by using VoIP. The transmission of voice signals consumes very little bandwidth.

At first glance, you cannot tell the difference between an ISDN phone and a VoIP phone. Only the missing cable to the phone jack optically distinguishes VoIP phones.

What are the advantages of switching to VoIP?

Save money

Did you know that VoIP makes calls up to 62% cheaper compared to ISDN? Reduce your costs with many low calling and customs rates for calls to home and abroad, as well as to mobile phones. And the internal network telephony is completely free. So if your multi-location business is the same VoIP provider, then your employees call each other for free.

Be available anywhere

Telephony becomes as mobile as receiving emails. No matter where you are: log in with personal access data on an IP phone or virtual client and you are ready to reach your usual landline number. And through a corresponding application, you can even be contacted on your mobile phone through your landline number. So you don't miss a call.

Excellent call quality

With VoIP, you use the latest voice telephony standard, which enables excellent voice quality: HD Voice. This new transmission technology makes the voices of the participants in the conversation clearer and more present. Therefore, HD Voice increases the overall intelligibility of speech.


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